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Estate Liquidator in Pensacola

Estate Liquidator in Pensacola, Estate Appraiser, Jewelry Appraisals in Pensacola, Florida
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Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals
Estate Sales in Pensacola

Step into a world where love for antiques meets unrivaled expertise. At Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals, we believe that experience surpasses formal qualifications. With a deep-rooted passion for antiques and an eye finely attuned to au...

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Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals
Estate Liquidator in Pensacola

Planning an Estate Sale can be an emotional undertaking. Our years of experience come with respect, transparency, integrity, reliability and ease throughout the process. Our priority is you, our client, and a successful Estate Sal...

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Antique Appraisal Service in Pensacola
Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals

We offer a distinguished, discreet, and detailed appraisal service. We understand the value and beauty of your personal fine art, jewelry, and antique pieces.

It is important to keep an updated appraisal of your art and a...

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Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals
Estate Liquidator in Pensacola

We are the premire Estate Sale Liquidator in Pensacola!

Why Estate Sales Are a Must

Estate sales offer a unique opportunity to delve into the past through cherished belongings that have been passed down from one generation to the ...

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Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals
Estate Liquidator in Pensacola

Are you a savvy shopper on the lookout for the best deals? Why not explore the wonderful world of estate sales with Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals? We specialize in hosting estate sales that offer an incredible opportunity for sma...

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Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals
Estate Liquidator in Pensacola

Expect the Best with Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals

Elodie Cardon, an esteemed ISA Personal Property Appraiser, has a lifelong love affair with antiques. With an eye trained to discern authenticity and quality, she's here to cha...

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6 months ago
This was a first class experience. Elodie was professional, extremely fair and her team did an amazing job with our belongings. Having done this in the past years ago with a different company I can say she is heads above the rest. If I could give her 100 stars I would. Don’t pass this company by if you’re in need of an estate sale.
- KerryAnn C
6 months ago
Going through with an estate sale after the death of my mother was not something I was looking forward to. But going through this process with Elodie and her team was wonderful. Everything was handled in a professional and caring way. Thank you Cardon Estate Sales for making this so much easier than I thought it would ever be.
- Cindy P
6 months ago
Excellent experience with Elodie and her Team! All are professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Cardon Estate Sales worked hard on our behalf, were careful & respectful with my Mother's many beloved items and communicated clearly with us at every point. Highly recommend Elodie Cardon!
- Cathy H

Estate Liquidator & Estate Appraisals


Pensacola's CARDON ESTATE SALES offers Liquidation of Estates and household items for the Pensacola and Surrounding areas.
Our extensive marketing & advertising platform has thousands of subscribers. Your sale will be priced according to current market value and the sale will be staffed with seasoned Estate Sale employees.
We offer online bidding for silent auction items
such as cars or rare items.

Elodie Cardon is a State Certified Licensed Appraiser and will give you a professional estimate of the value of the Estate you need to liquidate.

Cardon Estate Sales is the Premier Estate Sale Company in the Pensacola Area.

Call Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals

Who should you contact for Appraisals? 

Cardon Appraisals, located in Pensacola, Florida,  provides a full range of Personal Property Appraisal Services and guides you through the appraisal process.

 ESTATE Appraisals should be performed for Insurance claims due to Hurricane Michael and the need to prove the worth of your personal property given current market conditions. 
Hurricane Micheal insurance claim payout can be disputed if you invoke the appraisal clause on your policy.
Appraisals can be done using photos of your personal property that was lost or damaged by Hurricane Michael.  

ESTATE Appraisals also should be performed for: Damage claims, Divorce division of Assets, Donations, estate division, insurance appraisals, insurance claims, IRS assets, Probate, Personal Property appraisals, pre-move appraisals, moving damage claims, and tax-deductible gifts. Certified appraisals performed are Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)-compliant for IRS reporting purposes.

ISA members are recognized Authorities on professional personal property appraising and are distinguished for their professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. ISA members at the Certified and Accredited levels are Qualified Appraisers as defined by The Appraisal Foundation, which is authorized by Congress as the source of appraisal standards and qualifications.  

ESTATE Appraisal and Estate LIQUIDATOR Expert in Pensacola

  • Decorative Arts & Accessories
  • Dinnerware
  • Furniture - 19th Century
  • Silver - 19th Century
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Estate Evaluations
  • Estate Sales
  • Insurance Claims
  • Tax Deductible Gifts
  • Expert Witness for court
Performs Appraisals of:
  • Art - 19th Century
  • Art - Deco & Nouveau
  • Art - European
  • Furniture - European
  • Jewelry - Costume

Appraisal Process

An inspection and complete inventory of items to be appraised is performed onsite. This includes an inspection of construction, condition, and the taking of detailed photographs and measurements.

Research is conducted for each of the items to be appraised in order to determine age, origin, construction, style elements (and maker's marks, if present.)

A written, bound report compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), as well as the International Society of Appraisers Report Writing Standard is prepared to include all of the information complied about each item, to include supporting photographs (if the purpose of the appraisal calls for this.) 

What should you expect to pay for a professional appraisal? 


Appraisals-$125 per hour with a minimum assignment of $250.
This rate can vary depending on the size of the appraisal job and the scope of work required. Please note that rush services will increase the hourly rate. An estimate will be provided for these circumstances.
Expert Witness services in Court Hearings- $150 per hour

Travel time:
Distance of is 50 miles from Pensacola, FL, $50 per hour.

Hourly fees are charged per hour for onsite time, research time and report preparation time.
Please note: onsite and travel time fees are due upon completion of the onsite appraisal inspection and minimum charge is $200. The remaining fees are due upon completion and delivery of final appraisal report.

Additional Note: 
when asked to refer a client to an auction house, or some other form of liquidation service, there is a slight possibility that a referral fee will be charged. Clients are referred for liquidation based on experience as an antique dealer valuation. Ms. Cardon does not refer clients for liquidation services based on her accreditation as an appraiser. 

Tips for hiring the Right Personal Property Appraiser:

1) Ask for their formal experience training
2) Have they updated their training in the last 5 years?
3) What experience do they have in appraising your specific item?
4) How do they charge? Based on per piece, or by the hour?
5) What continuing education courses are they taking to stay current?

Appraisers are not "Authenticates," but are trained to conduct proper research to determine an unbiased justified opinion of value. Going to your local antique dealer and getting an appraisal report is not the same as a through researched USPAP-compliant report that will be accepted by the IRS as well as in court.

About Elodie Cardon:

Elodie Cardon, ISA, is a member of the International Society of Appraisers (Pensacola) practicing as a personal property appraiser specializing in Antiques, Paintings, Decorative arts, and Sterling Silver. 

Ms. Cardon's education includes completion of the International Society of Appraisers' (ISA) Core course in Appraisals Studies, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) course, and the ISA antiques and residential contents course. 

Ms. Cardon was raised in Lyon, France, and was mentored in the antiques and decorative arts business from her family's business. Ms. Cardon has been active in the industry in the United States since 2001 and became a US Citizen in 2003. Ms. Cardon is currently based in Pensacola, Florida, but due to her unique specialties, she meets with clients throughout the South Eastern United States. In addition to your USPAP appraisal, you will receive a complete professional profile of Ms. Cardon.

USPAP renewal course December 2017.
American History of Art & Furniture Continuing Education – Oct. 2007 & Oct 2009
Expert Witness course 2006
Re-Qualification Course with International Style of Appraisers in 2006 & Feb 2011 & Feb 2018
Internship of Antique European Linens 2005
Art History for the Generalist Appraiser 2004
Management School – France 1993-1996
Law school & Ecole du Louvre
 Art Studies – France 1992
International Baccalaureate in Economics 1991 
Experience: 2000 to present:
President & full time appraiser.
1999 to 2004: Kofski Antiques & Estate Sales – Palm Beach, FL
Store Operations Manager
Acted as Kofski Personal Property Appraiser’s assistant for Appraisers & Acquisition. 

How to Prepare for an Estate Sale

How to Prepare for An Estate Sale   1 - Conduct a Search of the Home
A thorough search of the home is a great initial step to preparing for an estate sale. People hide things, and valuable items lost long ago have a way of coming to the surface once a home has been gone through item by item. Common places to look include: 1.     Look through clothing, books, drawers, cupboards, boxes and closets. 2.     Look under and behind furniture. Pull drawers out and look behind them.   3.     Attics, crawlspaces and basements should be searched as well.   2- Secure or Remove Personal Items
A good rule of thumb to follow is, if it’s personal or valuable, remove or properly secure the item. This can apply to items that other heirs may have no right to view or know about, so secure diaries and journals. You’ll want to make sure you gather together all financial records and/or other personal papers, and develop a method for determining which of these should be retained for record-keeping purposes. If there are firearms in a home, make sure they have been safely unloaded, and then properly secured. Look for items such as: 1.     Gold, silver, coins and jewelry 2.     Family photos 3.     Personal papers 4.     Firearms or ammunition 5.     Materials of a sexual nature 6.     Opened foodstuffs and alcohol 7.     Items you do not want to sell   3- Should You Give Away or Donate Items? Before deciding to donate or give items away, it is prudent to have a professional evaluate items for their values. This is a positive way to avoid costly mistakes. People find treasures in thrift stores, and everyone has heard a story of a person who received an item from the estate of a neighbor later determined to be worth a small fortune.    Then there are the countless little things found in a home that get tossed or donated. It may surprise you to learn that estate sales shoppers are willing buyers of a wide variety of items. They’ll buy the toys, trinkets and dishes you think have no value; or think you are better off throwing away. The dollar value of the many small, seemingly inconsequential items that every house contains has the potential of creating thousands of dollars of income, so it’s a very good idea to let professionals sell items on behalf of your estate. Resist the temptation to randomly give away items to neighbors or distant relatives before you have had a chance to consult with an estate liquidator. If you keep too much or give too much away, you risk the possibility of not having enough to attract the services of a competent estate sales company. Here is a list of modestly valued items which are sold every weekend at estate sales across the country. These types of items can actually enhance the sale of items which have a much greater value. Items of Modest Value Can be Sold.   ·         Kitchen Items ·         Books ·         Broken Jewelry ·         Outdated Stereo Equipment ·         Tools ·         Old Paper, Magazines, Advertising   ·         Clothing ·         Records ·         Cleaning Supplies ·         Stationery or Office Supplies ·         Bedding and Linen ·         Outdoor or Garden Items ·         Small Decorative Items ·         Craft Supplies     Please, don’t throw anything away! What makes estate sales so compelling to shoppers – and what gets them up early in the morning to go to a sale – is how items of modest value are offered for sale alongside items of higher value. A successful sale will have all price points represented, and as much variety as possible. 4 -Before you Call an Estate Liquidator Know What you Want to Sell   When you can explain in clear terms the specific items you and your family are willing to sell, you can better communicate the precise scope of your project to the Estate Sales Professional you are interviewing.   This will make the interview process proceed smoothly and eliminate future confusion. This process is easier if the items you and your family want to keep have been entirely removed from the home. If, as is often the case, some of the items are still in the home and waiting to be picked up later, take a little time and mark those items with a post-it note, a piece of blue tape or any other way you think best to visibly mark those items. During the interview process you can point to items which you have marked and let them know those items are not to be sold.   Have Appraisals Ready If you have had an appraisal made of your household contents, let your estate liquidator know, and ask them if they can generate the values suggested in the appraisal documents.   Ask Family and Friends for References Great sources of referrals for an estate liquidator are family and friends, as well as realtors, attorneys and CPAs. Ask around; it is always a good idea to use a professional that has been vouched for by a person you tru

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